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Oxess Founder Marcel Brunner, born in 1969, is highly skilled at handling different types of wood. He has worked on aerodynamical parts while being in SAUBER F1 team, and became an expert at All-Glass and Carbon Fiber reinforced plastic material. In his spare time, he started to combine various wood and Synthetic materials. These efforts had lead him to manufacture his first snowboard in the early 90’s. He decided to develop high end snowboard and establish his own company with his own label: Oxess. Only a few years after he received his first order from his friend in 1994, professional riders started to use oxess in World tournaments. Oxess proved its performance through successful result of the players. Nowadays, we see more top players using customized oxess boards. Furthermore, in 2010, Oxess invented its first ski in co-operation with a former member of the Swiss national ski team. Regardless of the slopes, a RACE CARVER which Marcel Brunner developed, provides a full enjoyment of skiing. With three models only, Oxess aims for the best quality rather than mass production. All products we carry is guaranteed to be manufactured in Switzland. Marcel Brunner and his team are taking all feedbacks of both professionals and fun riders for constant improvement. Oxess is dedicated to develop better product every day.




RACEThe Oxess Race-Line impresses by outstanding carving property, convinces with an extreme grip on ice and comes with an amazing directional stability. Inducing a turn can be processed absolutely exact, based by a special construction of the nose and a gradational run of the stiffness of the board at the front of it. The optimized tail allows corrrections of the radius during the turn without releasing the front of the snowboard too much. The DCS (direct contact system) in 3D, developed by Oxess, brings the power transmission optimally allotted over the entire snowboard. So all these forces can function where currently needed. Ideal preconditions for racers (SL, GS) as well as for all other snowboarders.

FREERIDEThe very hot FX board is having a carbon surface like most of the race boards and unifies the perfect race performance with ultimate freeride feelings. These snowboards are also having the DCS (Direct Contact System) of Oxess inside. Every FX snowboard can be individually customized on the customers requirements. Available lengths: 168cm, 163cm, 157cm or also on customer request.

SNOWBOARDCROSS“The way to victory”

CARVE & SKAWL“Carving at it’s best”For ambitious hardboot riders, these snowboards and skwals are a highly intereresting alternative: the super carvers, made by Oxess. Carving and cruising easily with the XR type, you don’t care about the slope conditions. It is always easy, as you can trust in very good edges and an extraordinary running smoothness at any time. With these snowboards you can have an easy run or also ride tough.



In 2008, Oxess started to develop a new aerial ski, sponsored by Swiss Ski and Swiss Olympics.
Aerials is a freestyle discipline, with a quite small scene. Nevertheless, having the best equipment decides, if you win a competition or not. This was reason enough for many Swiss and international athletes to jump with Oxess aerial skis.
The Australien athlete Lydia Lassilat, Olympic winner 2010, bronze medallist 2014 is crazy about this ski:”Oxess skis are designed specifically for aerial skiing, it’s essential to have the right blades for the job. This very light product makes flips, twists, rotations and the landing much easier” Anton Kushnir, one of the world’s best athletes, won the Olympic gold medal 2014 on Oxess, the brand he trusts since years.
Oxess aerial skis are available in 3 different lengths: 1400, 1450 and 1500mm. They will be produced individually in co-operation with each athlete.

" Customizing "

Based on the individual requirements of any athlete we can customize our snowboards and skis in length, width, stiffness or radius.
On special request also complete individual shapes or colors are possible, colorful Oxess logos or an individual design.